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As long as we are worshipping a “white Messiah”, we are not worshipping the truth – Theologist Maponga Joshua Mara-Rah discloses

A theologist and historian who is known as Maponga Joshua Mara-Rah have come out with thrills and questions relating to fallacies in Christianity and many social media users have shown deep interest in his thoughts.

According to Maponga Joshua, the whites have blackmailed the mentality of Blacks with fake Jesus and Christian theories.

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He made mention of theories such as “a white man called Jesus came to die for us”.
He believes its a fallacy, looking at the millions of black people that have died during slavery, no white man was ever recorded dead through such practices.

He added that the garden of Eden was structured in Africa, precisely in the middle east which also had Israel on it.
Mr. Maponga explained with biblical philosophies to embark on his points.

From his perspective, Israel is an African land but the false theories of the white man have blindfolded many including his fellow theologists.

“Why should pastors take money from widows, orphans and people that can’t afford to buy themselves a daily meal and make them believe that in that way, with their faith Jesus (referring to the white Jesus) would bless them?”, a question that arouses emotions as Maponga thrilled.

Check portion of his video below: